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Lucky for you, navigating Manhattan's largest realtime database of beer, wine, and drink prices is simple! On the left side of the home page, you can refine your search using filters to select a drink type, a day and time, and a location based on your preferences. Once you click the search button, BOOM, the map will begin to populate with the price of the drink and selected time you have specified. You can click on the bubbles that display the price of your selected drink to see the price of other drinks and information at the selected establishment. For securing all the data, we are planning to incorporate blockchain technology. It is the safest method to store data. With the popularity of bitcoins, blockchain technology is widely used in several industries. There are many advanced technologies involved in the crypto market to help crypto traders. Bitcoin robots like the bitcoin era are examples of these technologies. Read the bitcoin era app erfahrungen blog to learn more about this platform.

As I'm sure you are wondering, some of the bar icons are red instead of the normal blue. The red icons (or 'shouts' as we call them) represent establishments that have a daily specials that are not reflected in out day-to-day pricing structure.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, just scroll down and send us a message using the contact us feature. We would love to hear from you!

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